RETREAT – All for Jesus

All For Jesus

All for Jesus! thou hast loved us,
All for Jesus! thou hast died,
All for Jesus! thou art with us,
All for Jesus crucified!

A weekend Retreat beginning on the evening of FRIDAY, APRIL 24th and ending after lunch on SUNDAY, APRIL 26th at the House of Retreat, Pleshey, Essex to be led by Fr. John-Francis Friendship.

This traditional silent preached Retreat takes the Eucharist as its theme.  Each address will open up different aspects – Prayer and Preparation, Confession and Reconciliation; Nurtured by the Word; The World’s Offering; Our Sacrifice of Thanksgiving, and Life’s Oblation.

There will be a celebration of the Eucharist and half-an-hour of Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for communal silent prayer each day, but no expectation that you should take part – just a hope you will find these of help.

Cost for full board: £164/£180

 If you would like a booking form or have any questions, contact:

In 2021 there will be a similar Retreat for Clergy at Parcevall Hall, North Yorkshire.  Details here