Religious Congregations

DAUGHTERS OF THE HEART OF MARY is an international Society of women religious founded in France in 1790 through the inspiration of Pierre-Joseph de Clorivière, a Jesuit priest and Adelaide de Cice, a French lay woman.  The Sisters seek a communication with people that can lead to self-discovery and encourages openness to others, thus leading them as a family united by the same loving Father.  His invitation to manifest the creativity of their love for one another is boundless.  The Sisters do not have any specific apostolic activities but seek to respond to the needs of time and place according to their possibilities.  They approach all action in a way that is both communitarian and individual.

“The Daughter of the Heart of Mary has a vocation to love, to become a Tremendous Lover, even as Jesus is THE Tremendous Lover. This is the gift of her vocation.“


DAUGHTERS OF OUR LADY OF COMPASSION, based in New Zealand, ‘follow the Mission of Jesus in the Spirit of our Founder, Suzanne Aubert. Through our compassion, faith and integrity, we seek to bring dignity to the lives of the aged, the powerless and the poor.’

Their Foundress, Suzanne Aubert, grew up in France and, at the age of 25, accepted an invitation to become a missionary in Auckland.  After working initially at a boarding school for Māori girl, she left Auckland to work at the Marist Māori mission station at Meanee in Hawke’s Bay with the Third Order of Mary. She became well-known in the area ministering to Māori and Pākehā, Catholic and non-Catholic without compromising her own beliefs. Tolerance and friendship became strategies for her mission.

In 1883, by invitation of the Māori from the Whanganui River area, Suzanne left Hawke’s Bay for Hiruhārama – Jerusalem – to revive the Catholic mission.  It’s here that the home-grown Catholic congregation – the Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion – was born.  Since 1988 the Anglican Church of New Zealand has placed her in their Calendar as a Saintly Woman.

“Let us have a heart like an artichoke,
and such a big one that everybody can have a leaf of it”
(Suzanne Aubert)


Founded in 2012 in Stamullen, Co. Meath, Ireland, and canonically erected in 2017, Silverstream Priory is the home of the Benedictine Monks of Perpetual Adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament.  When their Prior, Dom Mark Daniel Kirby OSB, sought counsel concerning his vocation from a wise old monk who had been Master of Novices at La-Pierre-Qui-Vire, he replied: “Frère, tu dois faire ta stabilité dans le Coeur de Jésus — Brother, you must make your stability in the Heart of Jesus.”