Aims, Purpose and Charism

The Aim of the Association is to provide members, inspired by the Compassionate Hearts of Jesus and Mary, with means whereby they can practice inner conversion of the heart.

The Purpose of the Association is to encourage and nurture compassion in the hearts and lives of Companions for the sake of the Reign of God.


> seek to be living lives whereby the love of God, made known in the Compassion of Jesus, might be fully realised;

>  recall that the heart of Mary was pierced by a sword as she remained in union with her Son.   Companions recognise that their hearts will also suffer as they seek to love with the heart of Jesus and Mary;

>  know that they cannot do this by their own unaided efforts, rather they seek to turn to Christ’s Compassionate Heart as the Divine well from which they will drink;

>  value the rich resources that come from all religious traditions that seek to cultivate a Compassionate heart;

>  look to the Sacrament of Confession (Reconciliation) as a means of cleansing and for renewing their own hearts. (Click here for a Note on the Sacrament of Confession)

Anyone who affirms the Purpose and Aims of the Association may become a Companion and seek membership by submitting an Application.  There are no meetings to attend, reports to submit or subscriptions to be paid.  However, Companions may wish to renew their commitment on or around the Feast of the Divine Compassion (Friday after Trinity Sunday), a Feast which has been observed by the Church of England, which has nurtured many devotions and which gave identity to the Society of the Divine Compassion, one of the earliest Franciscan Orders in the Anglican Communion from which emerged the Society of S. Francis.

From time to time it is hoped to circulate reflections, prayers and articles of interest by email and Companions are encouraged to submit relevant material to help others live a more compassionate life.

Click here for the Admission Form to be witnessed by whoever the applicant feels would be appropriate.