This Spiritual Association was founded in February 2017 as a way of responding to some of the divisive issues of the time by helping people address the ways hate, anger, fear and prejudice can affect the human heart.  It also seeks to continue the work of the 2016 Jubilee Holy Year of Mercy when HH Pope Francis observed:  “Jesus’ only judgement is one filled with mercy and compassion.” *

It draws inspiration from various traditional Christian devotions – the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Divine Compassion, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and St. Mary at the Cross, to name some.  It also recognises the way many Christian denominations have realised the importance of compassion, an aspect of the Divine nature which is central to all major world religions.  It also recognises the importance of metanoia – conversion of the heart and recalls the importance of the Benedictine Vow of conversio (or conversatio) morum.

There are two forms of membership.  Companions, who try to keep a simple Rule, and Associates who accept the Aims and Purpose of the Association and promise to seek ways of fostering compassion in their hearts and living out of that charism.   There is a simple form of Admission for Companions which they can use in whatever way is appropriate.  They may also like to renew their commitment on or around the Feast of the Divine Compassion (Friday after Trinity Sunday).

Both receive Compassion Quarterly, the publication of the online Association and Companions and Associates are encouraged to submit relevant material to help others live a more compassionate life.

It doesn’t cost anything to join (except to work on being a compassionate person!) and there aren’t any meetings to attend.  If you would like to join, or have any questions to ask, please turn to our Contact page.   There is also a Facebook Page which is updated from time to time with matters of interest and you can follow us on Twitter (#cchjm123) where posts are also made and, hopefully, re-tweeted!

This website contains a variety of reflectionsprayers, hymns and readings on compassion, as well as pages on compassion in other faiths.  Believing themselves loved by God, Companions and Associates see that compassion in the heart of Jesus as He sought to respond to His Father and the world.  They also find it in the heart of Mary and recall the prophecy of Simeon when she presented her Son in the Temple: “a sword will pierce you own heart also.”  They recall that it was Mary who stood at the foot of the Cross as her Son died.  Companions know that seeking to live the way of Compassion will involve suffering.

There are also a set of Principles for Compassion  which are intended to offer a means of reflecting on some of the ways in which it might be possible to develop a compassionate heart.  For ease of use they are divided into daily portions but are also separated into sections which might be read together.

If you would like to promote the Association, there is an A4 Introduction here and an A5 version here.  There is also a folded A4 Information leaflet here that could be used as a handout.

‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.’  (Matthew 5:8)

*  ‘Misericordia et misera‘.  para.1