A Retreat at Pleshey ALL FOR JESUS from April 24th – 26th, 2020

All for Jesus! thou hast loved us,
All for Jesus! thou hast died,
All for Jesus! thou art with us,
All for Jesus crucified!

This traditional silent preached Retreat takes the Eucharist as its theme. Each address will open up different aspects – Prayer and Preparation, Confession and Reconciliation; Nurtured by the Word; The World’s Offering; Our Sacrifice of Thanksgiving, and Life’s Oblation.

There will be a celebration of the Eucharist and half-an-hour of Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for communal silent prayer each day, but no expectation that you should take part – just a hope you will find these of help.

The retreat begins at 6pm so please try to arrive between 4pm and 5pm to have time to settle in. It concludes after lunch on the last day and rooms need to be vacated by 11am.

Chelmsford Diocesan House of Retreat at Pleshey was home to the Servants of Christ, an enclosed congregation of Anglican sisters, from 1906 – 1914 after which it was taken over by the diocese. In the 1920’s Evelyn Underhill led many Retreat’s here, and her name is now forever associated with the house.

The Retreat will be conducted by Fr. John-Francis SMMS who was an Anglican Franciscan for 25 years until released from his Vows in 2002. By then he had become parish priest of St Andrews’, Romford where he remained until 2011. During that time he trained on the Ignatian Spirituality Course and began teaching at the then London Spirituality Centre (now the London Centre for Spiritual Direction) where he continues to work as a spiritual director and pastoral supervisor. When invited he still exercises a priestly ministry and retains ties with the Franciscans.

Cost for full board: £164/£180

If you would like a booking form or have any questions, contact: retreathouse@chelmsford.anglican.org

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