Patron:  St. Francis of Assisi

The Association, rooted in the Anglican Tradition of Christianity, is open to all people, lay or ordained.

It offers resources from different Traditions to enable Companions to nurture a compassionate heart.

The Aim of the Association is to provide a means whereby people (Companions) can join together in developing compassion towards themselves and the world.

In a world where hatred and fear, prejudice and bigotry are all-too prevalent and difficult to avoid, the purpose of the Association is to encourage and nurture compassion in the lives of all Companions.

In addition to the Aims Priest Companions will try to preach about the Compassionate Hearts of Jesus/Mary on or around the Second Sunday after Trinity and/or on the Sunday following August 15th.

Ergo misericordes sicut et Pater vester misericors est
Be compassionate as your Father is compassionate