Consecration of a Parish or Religious Organisation to the Divine Compassion of Jesus

To be used on the first Sunday in June

 After Communion the following Prayer is offered:

Let us pray:

Most sweet Jesus, Redeemer of the world,
look on us as we kneel before you.
We are yours and we wish to remain so
and we freely consecrate ourselves to your Divine Compassion.

Have mercy on all people, especially those in need
of knowing your compassionate and merciful love.
Be the inspiration and strength of the faithful
and of those who have given up hope.
May they know they are welcome in their Father’s house.
Be reconciler of those who live in discord;
give hope to those who are lost;
and bring joy to any who live in torment of mind.
Help those who worship here together with the whole world,
to cry with one voice:
Praise to the Divine Compassion
which brought about our salvation.

And may Mary, your Mother and ours,
embrace our parish (……) in her loving Heart,
and soften the hearts of those who have hardened themselves to others
with her compassionate gaze.

To your Sacred Heart be honour and glory forever.